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Why have skydivers jump into your event?
How about a skydiving exhibition to get your guests excited?
skydive into rodeo  Make your next event more exciting, a standout event. Hire a skydive entertainer. Your audience has seen skydiving in movies or maybe on TV at sports events but it’s nothing like seeing a skydiver land right in front of you. Amaze and excite your audience; increase attendance. You’ll have people talking about your event long after it has ended. And because skydiving is unusual, it often gets newspaper and TV coverage. The Publicity gained from professional skydivers can be more than traditional advertising.
hire a skydive show

   Day or Night

With smoke or giant flags

Red, White and Blue

Find out how easy it is to put on a skydiving show.

Our group makes parachute exhibition jumps with FAA approval into many small outdoor events. We are professional, expert rated skydivers with thousands of jumps that are allowed to land in very small spaces close to spectators.

We are based in Orange County, California but do skydiving demos all over Southern California, including Los Angeles and San Diego.

Contact Michael Sheerin
714 606-6223

Hire a skydiver for your event:
skydive into a charity event
skydive into a football game
skydive into a baseball game
skydive into a  sports event 
skydive into a golf tournament
skydive into a rodeo

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